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We take a partnership approach to talent acquisition with a focus on EPM Cloud Consulting Services, Oracle Hyperion Professional Services,  Business Intelligence, Enterprise Cyber Risk Security,  Software Product Management, and Sales Professionals for the Information Technology industry.

Our extensive network of highly qualified candidates allows us to work with companies of all sizes, from large enterprises to small and midsize businesses, with the single goal of providing the highest level of collaboration and customer service to our clients.  With over 10 years of talent acquisition and consulting experience in the leadership team, we are able to assist our customers in meeting and exceeding their full potential, always with a dedicated, personal touch.  Our greatest satisfaction comes from forming long-lasting relationships with both clients and candidates.

Because each client is different, we specialize in helping to strategize highly effective recruiting campaigns tailored to each valued partner’s specific needs.  Whether their requirements are contract or permanent, large scale or small, our unique model utilizing trusted alliances allows us to respond quickly to our clients while maintaining the highest level of collaboration and undiluted critical thinking to promote success.  Whether vertical market or cross-discipline, our solutions are practical, immediate and sustainable.



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