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An international client in the Ann Arbor Michigan area is seeking a data analytics professional to join their Data Insights team which is responsible for leveraging multiple data sources including but not limited to point of sales, trackers, store locators, economics, demographics, marketing, promotional, weather conditions and web analytics into and delivering impactful information based on data insights for their  business units that are best able to leverage that information.  The client is looking for a full-time technical professional to join their team with a strong analytical background and a deep understanding of quantitative methods and statistical practices.


Responsibilities and duties:

Perform Important Company Analysis Projects

With the Business Insights Team, execute all phases of analysis, including:

  • Work with various internal users to determine goals and expected results of initiatives to be analyzed
  • Determining best testing methodologies leveraging statistical and analytical best practices
  • Identify data anomalies and adjust analysis accordingly
  • Isolate the incremental business impact of the project or business action
  • Prepare and summarize results

Develop Best Practice Advanced Analytic tools for Standard Analysis

With the Business Insights Team, execute all phases of Tool Development

  • Along with the Manager of Business Insights, research and design data analysis systems that are flexible to provide advanced analytics to common testing applications
  • Coordinate with IT as needed to implement tools
  • Examples include:
    1. Test vs. Control Methodology
    2. Estimated Contribution Margin per order
    3. Profitability and Net Promoter Scorecards

Work with other analysts and third-party analyst partners relating to:

  • Leverage and share existing knowledge of company data sources, access methods, likely correlations and solutions
  • Retain any key learnings from their analysis to further our collective knowledge and tools


Develop Models, with Team, to Address Complex Company Needs

With the Business Insights Team, develop sophisticated models to:

  • Project results
  • Isolate the impact from a particular activity
  • Examples include:
    1. Store Siting
    2. Sales Forecasting
    3. Media Mix models
    4. Operational work flow models and simulations



  • 3-5 years relevant work experience in Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, Econometrics, Statistics, Forecasting, Data Analysis or a related field.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Operations Research, Applied Mathematics, Financial Engineering, Econometrics, Engineering or related field.  Master’s degree a plus.
  • Comprehensive understanding of advanced analysis techniques.
  • Strong Statistical knowledge.
  • Advanced excel skills.
  • Ability to communicate sophisticated statistical terminology to non-technical users.
  • Ability to work independently and with cross-functional teams.
  • Proficient with manipulating large data sets in relational databases using SQL, and other query tools.

Presented by:

Donna Draper


Fairwinds Recruiting

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BI Analyst Data Scientist Job San Francisco

The client is seeking an exceptional Business Intelligence / Data Scientist that will be part of a growing, world-class analytics team supporting their Enterprise Risk Management department. The analytics team is a key analytical resource within the company. We distill information, provide analysis, and utilize predictive analytics to support business leaders and enable data-driven decision-making.  As a Data Analytics professional, you will be a key resource creating actionable business intelligence that supports and influences business decision-making. You will have the ability to see your insights and analytical products impact the business on a regular basis.


The Business Intelligence Analyst / Data Scientist will serve as a business intelligence, analytics, and problem solving specialist, responsible for integrating and analyzing data from multiple sources. You’ll be a “power-user” of the company’s information systems and data-sets. You’ll gain exposure to many areas in the company, including risk management, supply chain, EHS, operations, marketing, competitive intelligence, data warehousing, information technology, and strategic planning.


Responsibilities Include:


  • Work with various business units to understand information needs and provide effective solutions.
  • Develop solutions for generating specific metrics and, when required, collaborate with the enterprise information systems teams on implementation. Own critical processes that are central to the delivery of accurate metrics.
  • Pull and model data in order to create dashboards and operational KPIs. Develop resulting key metrics and either publish via executive metrics dashboard or share ad-hoc analysis (often using slides) with stakeholders.
  • Develop Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and Reporting solutions to address a growing portfolio of business reporting, analytics and data requirements. Own and manage multiple business intelligence initiatives and work programs on regular and ad-hoc basis.



  • 3-6 years of experience in a reporting & analytical role.
  • In-depth experience analyzing data and creating reports with strong spreadsheet and database query experience (e.g. SQL).
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills, combined with strong business judgment and an ability to present analysis in a clear and compelling manner.
  • Tenacity in finding creative solutions to building BI data marts primarily using SQL; and managing data from multiple sources.
  • Experience with SQL and data visualization tools such as Tableau.
  • Experience using industry-leading BI tools for reporting and visualization (Tableau and MicroStrategy).
  • Strong deck creation and presentation skills to highlight key business opportunities and gaps.
  • Broad understanding of business processes and measurement of business success.
  • Very high attention to detail and accuracy.


Additional Desirable Skills

  • Experience in specific database platforms, SQL Server preferred, including stored procedures, functions, etc.
  • Experience designing and implementing ETL packages in Microsoft Integration Services.


  • BA/BS in a quantitative field or MBA.

The client’s employees are both leaders and team players who thrive on creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and a dedication to quality work, their customers and each other.

About the Client

The client invests heavily in their employees by offering skill development and training, competitive compensation and benefits and a tradition of promoting from within for a broad range of career opportunities. And they foster a supportive, people-first work environment.

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The Power of the Post Interview Thank You Note. How to Seal the Deal!

Fairwinds Blog Arte of the Thank You Note

Writing a solid Thank You Note can be scary business for many candidates. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to read tons of Thank You Notes and to provide insights for candidates as to the value of doing so. It’s one of those odd things. Add too much detail or make it too lengthy and you’ve lost your competitive edge, particularly if you’ve unintentionally showed the hiring manager a flaw in your writing skills. On the flipside, not writing a Thank You Note can be equally detrimental and could very well be the end of your candidacy.


A Thank You Note should be well thought out. Don’t rush it! The note serves as a strategic tool in adding another data point as to why you’re the right individual for the position. Below are some things to think about when crafting a Thank You Note after an interview.


It’s good form. It’s always good form to thank an interviewer for their time in discussing a position. That may seem obvious to most folks, but what many miss is the amount of time and effort on the other side of the fence to coordinate multiple schedules with the interview team to talk with you. Essentially they’re being asked to step away from their full-time job with all of its demands and deadlines, to chat with someone they don’t know. For consulting firms in particular this can be quite costly. That is, to remove a consultant from billable time for example. After all, time is money!


Make it meaty. Is not uncommon for candidates to CC me on their Thank You Notes that they send to hiring managers. It’s usually at this point in the interview I either smile (thumbs up) or cringe (BIG Thumbs down). The ones that are most impressive are those who have recapped the essence of their interview/conversation in written form.


This shows the hiring manager that you were attentive during the conversation, that you can recap conversations (typical in daily business life), and provides them with an ad-hoc writing sample. The poor thank you notes are those that simply say… “Thank you for your time and looking forward to next steps”. Further, this is also your opportunity to take what you’ve learned during the interview and map your skills to the position’s requirements, thereby showing the hiring manager that you are the best choice. For example, “…we discussed this…, that… and the other thing… and my skills here…, here… and over here… would be beneficial because of this… and that….”


The follow up answer maneuver. The other important reason for a Thank You Note is that it provides you with an opportunity to re-answer a question in an interview that perhaps you didn’t answer as well as you could have. For many of us we do our best thinking upon reflection. We all have said it to ourselves one time or another, “I shouldn’t have answered that question that way. I know better than that, what was I thinking?” A good thank you note gives you an opportunity to go back in time to restate your answer(s).


And don’t forget! Add a signature. Remember also that this is business correspondence and it should be inclusive of a signature at the bottom of your email. As you may recall from high school business communication class there’s the date, salutation, body, and signature. Nowadays in the world of Internet cyber communication, it’s equally important to sign your name and include your contact details as the closure to your Thank You Note. It looks and feels much more professional.


Never do this! Don’t send pictures of your family regardless of how great and friendly was the conversation with the interviewer. For instance your kids dressed in a costume or you on the beach. Don’t laugh! I’ve seen it.



Dan Counts Founder Fairwinds RecruitingDan Counts, Founder of Fairwinds Recruiting (Twitter @FairwindsRcrtg) is a recruiter/coach for candidates and clients, specializing in the software and consulting industries for Enterprise Performance Management (Oracle/Hyperion), Cloud ERP, Business Intelligence, Data Science/Big Data, Cyber Risk Security, Sales, and Product Management. His hands-on positive style as an advisor to candidates and clients provides an environment for redefining the recruitment experience one placement at a time, resulting in better long-term matches. Residing in Monterey, CA near Silicon Valley, he works with boutique firms to large companies nationwide. In his free time he enjoys sailing, hiking/walking, woodworking and most recently home coffee roasting. You can check out his website at

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